Here’s the thing.

Hello everyone. It’s been a while.

"Where’s the MB update?" 

Good question. Here’s my answer:

I’m not doing so good. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, and I needed the break from MB. I’ll be totally honest with you all: I’ve been working on it for three solid years, and in that time I’ve been thrust into a lot of stressful situations. Deadlines, expectations, a sudden increase in fan interest, and lots of pressure - most of which I put upon myself. I’ve earned a break, and I really need it right now.

This is the reason for all the RAID work lately. It’s been nice to go back and work on my other baby project, the one I’ve had since childhood. It’s made me happy to see all those old faces again, to work on this project that I really adore. I also love MB and it is very important to me… but RAID is something I’ve had since I was 6. It’s very dear to me, and it’s helped a lot to go back to it.

I do want to update MB again soon, but I can’t say when that will be, and I certainly can’t guarantee that the schedule will be regular. I just hope you’ll all understand, and I’m sorry.

Thanks guys. Take care of yourselves.

  1. reanimateddoll said: Totally understandable. From the very first time I saw the animatic of Chris’s introduction, I was surprised by how much work you were getting done pretty much by yourself. It seems exhausting! Take as much time as you need. We’ll still be here :).
  2. annatuxedocat said: It’s easy to get overburdened. Don’t kill yourself over us, we’ll be happy when you’re ready and comfortable to continue!!
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    awww Para ;A; *hugs* you deserve a break hun, you can work on MB when your ready it’a nice that your working on RAID,...
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