Concept Art Compared to 3D Render Test

The team has done a wonderful job matching my style in 3D. I am very impressed with this shot - and Boy hasn’t even had textures added yet.

We’re in the midst of animation right now. The final deadline is May 4th, so we’ve really got to get cracking! However, we’ve no reason to panic right now, and we’re all working hard. I am confident we’ll finish this in time, and hopefully to a high standard.

We’ve also agreed to keep working on the animation even after the deadline, to fine-tune it in the hopes of entering it into animation festivals. Wish us luck!

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  2. ruthlessamor said: This is simply flawless. I thought you had drawn them both! I simply can’t wait for you to reap all this hard work you’ve placed into this. It’s people like you who make me want to strive to be a better artist.
  3. beeblue said: Looks fantastic, love the progression!
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